Flat Webbing Sling

.100% high tenacity polyester
.Single ply or double ply
.With reinforced lifting eyes
.Low elongation
.Length available:1m to 10m
.Safety factor available:5:1,6:1;7:1
.According to EN 1492-1:2000

Flat Webbing Sling is woven with machine for one time,and processed in the different sewing methods,it can be used the strengthened eye on its ends to improve its strength.Its standard tonnage can be distinguished through the color,and the which is wider than sling can be used.Because of no contacting metal,it causes hardly damage to the loaded article surface and explosive environment.In addition ,its low extending property can decrease the bound of load in the courses of lifting ,and avoid damage from the shocking strength.At the same time,make codes for the dyeing colors of sling and suggest the simple and correct methods for loading ,which is well convenient for our lifting user.

(1)The weight is light,flexible,flexible use lunch;
(2)Do not mutilate suspended objects appearance,strong maintainability;
(3)The crane safe,safe conefficient is high;
(4)Have higher tensile strength,color beautiful,easy to distinguish;
(5)Is a kind of insulators
(6)Hoisting with long life,good decay resistance,abrasion resistance function;
(7)The progress to rest obedience,save the capital;
(8)It is widely applied to ships,metallurgy,machinery,mining,petroleum,chemical industry,ports,electricity,electronics,transportation,military and other fields
(9)Working temperature:-40-100 degrees celsius
(10)Length:normally size 1m,2m,3m,4m,5m,6m,8m,10m,12m/piece
(11)Material:100% polyester silk

1.Full-set quality control
2.Strict quality inspection
3.Tight tolerances
4.Technology support
5.As international standard
6.Good quality and prompt delivery

Safety factor:5:1/6:1/7:1

 Working load with 1 webbing slingWorking load with 1 webbing slingWebbing width(mm)Colourcoded according to EN 1492-1
βStraight lift up to 45°Choked lift uo to 45°Straight lift 40°-60°Choked lift 45°-60°
Straight liftChoked lift0°-7°7°-45°45°-60°