Jib Crane

This jib crane can be widely used for a variety of applications. It can be set up indoors or outdoors, used for handing cargo on the loading ramp, or for the supply of machinery.

Even in a place which have a small clearance height, the column-type jib crane can still act it's biggest lifting height.

- Light compact structure, few demand to architecture.
- Whole structure light, conform to the state standards.
- The installation uses high strength bolt connection.
- Novel structure, reasonable and simple.
- Convenient in operation, and turn to flexible.
- Light weight, moving flexible.
- Inexpensive handling systems that don't require modification of the building structure in which they are being installed.
- Jib cranes don't take up much space but they allow transporting goods on a three-dimensional plane.
- Useful in any industrial sector: foundries, boiler works, mechanical works, paper factories, etc.
- Jib cranes are the ideal complement for the traveling cranes used in every section of an industrial plant.
- Jib cranes increase in autonomy and effectiveness of each workstation.