2018-08-22 10:16:43

3 ton 5 ton Cantilever Swing Arm Jib Crane

Floor Mounted Jib Crane Description

The floor mounted jib crane is designed for heavy lifting, lifting weight up to 10 ton, also can design according to user requirement, the cantilever can rotate 360 degrees, operate freely in the three-dimensional space, widely used indoors or outdoors production lines, warehouse areas, general workshop, assembling line, dock, etc.

Floor Mounted Jib Crane Feature
The floor mounted jib crane is developed in recent years, it is a small and medium-size lifting equipment, simple structure, safe, reliable, high efficiency, operate convenience, turning agile, wide working conditions, energy-saving, time-saving, labor-saving, self- standing, manual or electric control, more heavy weight and working radius.

Floor Mounted Jib Crane Advantage
1. Good quality with competitive price
2. Reasonable structure, favorable performance
3. Control the load easily and position the load exactly
4. Smooth starting and stopping
5. Superior safety and reliability
6. Low noise, commodious cabin and good view
7. Low dead weight low your cost
8. Easy maintenance for parts

Floor Mounted Jib Crane Component Detail
* German import hoisting motor, compact sizes and running smoothly
* Aluminum gearbox, good heat dissipation, long lifetime
* Frequency conversion control, low-noise design, staring and braking balance, low impact
* Hoist motor, gearbox and brake three in one large lifting torque, small size, smooth running, low impact, low noise, high efficiency, asbestos-free in brake disc, long life time, IP65
* Advanced processing methods to ensure drum concentricity