2018-07-30 13:33:07

A rising star - Jiali Machinery Co

After a long period of sharpening and growth, "Jiali Shares" from the Chinese lobster capital - Xuyi came out! Jiali machinery co., LTD, was established in February 2014, and its subsidiaries include Jiangsu Jiali hoisting machinery manufacturing Co., LTD., Jiangsu Moresafe trading Co., LTD., Jiangsu KAINO industrial and trade co., LTD., and Jiangsu Jiarong real estate development co., LTD. The business mainly includes lifting machinery production and sales, lifting products import and export trade and real estate development industry.

Yesterday's various brilliant, built the whole body of steel and iron; Today's glorious transformation, has achieved the very ambition.

As a high-quality enterprise with design, manufacture and sales of hoisting machinery, multilateral management trade, industry and trade, real estate, with rich design and manufacturing experience, rich technical deposits and good reputation in the industry, Jiali has finally achieved its breakthrough from quantitative change to qualitative change. The development of the company has entered a new situation.

After a long period of development, carrying the wind and rain course of years of struggle, the entrepreneurial passion of all employees, and the dream of "Jiali people" to take off their career.We know we have a long way to go.

We have always been adhering to the corporate vision of "developing the enterprise, contributing to the society, benefiting employees and giving back to shareholders". The idea of "the ideal of Jiali, transcending The Times, scientific and technological innovation, and the integrity of the world" is taken as the basic guiding ideology of enterprise development.

At any time, we remind ourselves that we should cherish the good development environment of Xuyi, the great situation created by the hard work of our colleagues, and the rare opportunity to realize and improve our self-value. At the same time, the company creates a good working environment for its employees and maximizes their potential.We believe that every employee and every team member is a valuable contributor to the growth of the enterprise.

We welcome competition. Fair competition is the source of the sound development of our industry, and it is also the premise for customers to get benefits. So we respect our competitors and expect to be respected by our competitors.

At present, in the face of new challenges and opportunities and in the new market environment, we should give full play to our advantages, seize the opportunities, meet the challenges, explore and innovate, and work together to make progress, so as to make the "Jiali" brand truly special, professional, refined, large and strong. Jiali shares will continue to be sincere, win-win sharing, to create higher value for customers. Create a better platform for employees. Take more responsibility for society. Create a new situation, write a new chapter, and create a brilliant future!