2018-06-09 18:50:06

China factory heavy duty electric chain hoist

Electric hoist is a very important part of overhead crane, lifting and material handling equipment  , including electric chain hoist and electric wire rope hoist .

With advantages of safety , high-efficiency , durability , manpower saving etc, electric hoists are widely used in industrial building construction , workshop lifting  , warehouse material handling , shipyard , port, mining , railway construction etc .

All the electric chain hoist and wire rope hoist can be controled both by pendant cable and wireless remote , it's very convenient to use wireless remote to control hoist working at anywhere within 50m distance .

TXK Electric Chain Hoist come standard with the following features:
· Brake System : mechanical type side magnetic braking or electronic magnetic braking .
· Upper and Lower Limit Switch
· Push Button Controls
· Electric Control Panel Available and wireless remote control available for all motions
· Heavy-Duty Hoist Motor rated for 30-minute duty
· Load Sheave / Chain Guide
· Grade 80 load chain / FEC Japan chain
· Forged carbon steel hook with a heavy-duty hook latch
· Chain container
· Gear box with alloy steel helical and spur gear reduction
. Wireless remote control is optional as customer's request
electric chain hoistJiali Machinery Co., Ltd.  , as a professional supplier of lifting and hoisting equipment , can provide Electric Chain Hoist from capacity 250kg up to 50 Ton capacity to the worldwide industrial lifting market .We always do our very best to meet the customers demands by supplying only the very best quality industrial hoisting equipment considering different site situation:  suspension electric hoist ,  electric hoist with  trolley etc.