2018-10-14 14:39:57

Electric Chain Hoist with Dual Speed Low Headroom

electric chain hoists is widely used for construction, building, factory, industry, shipping company. Durable and convenient for heavy lifting. From 0.5ton to 25ton. Chains length can be customized.
electric chain hoist are advanced structure, small volume, light weight, reliable performance, convenient operation and wide application range. It is very convenient for lifting heavy goods, loading and unloading , repairing equipment. It can also be installed in the suspended I-beam, curved track, cantilever crane guide rail and fixed lifting point.
The standard, oil bath lubricated planetary gearbox is particularly smooth running.
Forged suspension and load hooks, manufactured from non-aging, high alloy tempering steel, yield under overload instead of breaking.
The standard case hardened and chain is matched perfectly to the load chain to guarantee smooth and precise chain motion.

Advanctages of TXK Electric Chain Hoist:
1.Motor brake: adopt advanced magnetic cone brake to provide reliable stopping
2. Chain guide: high quality design provides smooth and quiet guidign og the lifting chain
3.Heavy duty motor: Squirrel cage parallel rotor motor; Cooling fins reduces the temperature of hoist and keep it working; The IP 55 protection can withstand demanding enviroment
4.Load chain: Carburizing chain or chain is heat-treated for long life and endures harsh conditions;
5.Hook: hot forged high tensile steel, rigid and durable, fitted with safety latch to ensure safety lifting
6. Push button pendant: water-Proof and insulated, provides light and durable switching controls.
7. Phase error relay to prevent mortor from running at incorrect wire connection