2018-09-08 10:11:41

Electric Double Girder Overhead Eot Crane For Workshop

Overhead cranes sometimes also called bridge cranes and eot crane, which are cranes with a hoist or winch traveling along the bridge beween parallel runways. They are designed to meet the medium to heavy industrial lifting requirements, covering all parts of the manufacturing process.



     overhead cranes consist of a wide range of cranes including:

    •  Overhead crane for laddle lifting capacity up to 600t; 

    •  Overhead crane for steel factory capacity up to 600t;
    •  Overhead crane with grab lifting capacity up to 50t;
    •  Overhead crane with hoist lifting capacity up to 80t;

    •  Overhead crane with magenet lifting capacity up to 50t;

    •  Overhead crane with winch lifting capacity up to 300tons;
    •  Overhead crane with chain hoist lifting capacity up to 30t;




Safety Measures



Loss of phase /voltageprotection

1. When the voltage/phase is too low, the electricity will disconnect


Over Voltage, over current protection

1. When the voltage/phase is too big, the electricity will disconnect


Overload Limit Switch

1. When the lift capacity is more than the max rated lift capacity, the electricity will disconnect, crane will stop work


Weight limit

1. Supervise the decrease of hook. There is a limit height. The hook cannot fall any more if reach this limit


Fire limit

1. Supervise the up and down limit position of Hook. Avoid the over increase and over decrease


Crane Travel Limit Switch

1. Supervise the travel of crane, and stop crane travel more than rated travel distance.


  Technical Parameter of Double Girder Bridge Crane