2019-05-05 14:15:31

Introduction of Crane Series

Crane is a multi-action lifting machine that lifts heavy objects vertically and horizontally in a certain range. Also known as Jib Crane, Bridge Crane, Gantry Crane, Light-duty mobile gantry.

1. High-strength and high-flexibility's bridge frame.
2. Adopt no-fault design's lifting mechanism.
3. Unpowered drive type cable drum.
4. High-precision weighting method(have patent)
5. Surface treatment: sand blasting, spraying process of two primer, one intermediate paint, two layer of finish paint
6. Have proprietary property rights\have multiple advanced function's electric control system.
7. With extra-strong working strength, high travelling speed, frequent start and braking, accurate location, semi-automatic/automatic procedure control.
8. Crane manufacture and control technique is leading position in domestic.
Safety feature
1. Weight overload protection device
2. Lifting height limit device
3. Voltage lower protection function
4. Phase sequence protection function
5. Emergency stop function

If you want to know more about Crane Series, please come to our company anytime to consult, our companyyou are welcome to come to our company to consult at any time, our company Jiali Machinery Co., Ltd is upgraded from Jiangsu Jiali Hoisting Machinery Manufacturing Co. Ltd. On Jan.1st 2018 the new company has annexed two companies Jiangsu KSN Industry & Trade Co., Ltd and 7.jpgMore Safe Enterprises.

A very significant part of our business “TXK” brand electric chain hoistmanual hoist and other lifting machines has been very popular home and abroad in last 10 more years.

From now on, Jiali is much more than a professional manufacturer of electric hoists and manual hoists. We can solve the requirements of material handling process, like overhead cranes, jib cranes, KBK, gantry cranes, including design, manufacturing and installation service.