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Introduction of Light Crane

Light crane adopts unique design concept, with small size, light weight, small wheel pressure characteristics. Compared with traditional cranes, the maximum distance from hook to wall is the smallest, and the clearance height is the lowest. The Koli crane can work closer to the front, and the lifting height is higher, which actually increases the effective workspace of the existing workshop. Because the light crane has the characteristics of light weight and small wheel pressure, the new factory building can be designed smaller and has more complete functions.

Classification of light cranes:

1. Beam crane

The girder crane mainly includes single girder bridge crane and double girder bridge crane.

The main girders of single girder bridge crane are mostly composed of I-shaped steel or steel and steel plates. Lifting trolley is usually assembled by hand hoist, electric hoist or hoist as lifting mechanism component.

Double-girder bridge crane is a kind of bridge crane, also known as crane, which operates on the overhead track. The bridge frame of the double-girder bridge crane runs longitudinally along the rails laid on both sides of the viaduct, and the crane trolley runs horizontally along the rails laid on the bridge frame, forming a rectangular working range, which can make full use of the space under the bridge frame to lift materials without hindrance from the ground equipment.

2. Cantilever crane

There are three types of cantilever crane: pillar crane, wall-mounted crane and balance crane.

(1)Column-type cantilever crane is a cantilever crane consisting of a column and a cantilever which can rotate around a fixed column fixed on the base or which is rigidly connected with the rotating column and rotates together with the vertical center line in the support of the base. It is suitable for the occasion where the lifting weight is small and the service range is round or fan-shaped.  It is generally used for loading and handling of workpieces such as machine tools.

   (2)The wall crane is a cantilever crane fixed on the wall, or can run along the wall or other elevated track supporting structure.Wall traveling crane is used in workshop or warehouse with large span and high building height. It is most suitable when the crane operation is frequent near the wall.

  (3) Balanced crane

Commonly known as balanced crane, is a balanced system reconstructed by the principle of four-bar linkage mechanism. It can use a variety of hangers to lift loads flexibly and easily in three-dimensional space. Lightweight and flexible balancing crane is an ideal lifting equipment for lifting small items. It is widely used in machine cutting in factory workshop, workpiece lifting in process room, automatic line, production line, sand box, parts assembly, station, wharf, warehouse and other occasions.

3. Gantry crane

Gantry cranes are generally classified according to gantry structure, girder and hanger.

According to the form of door frame structure

(a) All-portal crane: the main girder is not overhanging, and the trolley is carried out in the main span.

(b) Half-gantry crane: the legs are different in height, depending on the civil requirements of the site.

(c) Double cantilever gantry crane: the most common type of structure, its structural stress and effective use of site area are reasonable.

(d) Single cantilever gantry crane: This type of structure is often selected due to site constraints.

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