2018-05-03 09:44:40

Maintenance For Chain Hoist

The roller of the chain hoist can adhered to the bearing inner ring which is pressed on a lifting chain wheel shaft neck by grease, then load bearing wall outside the circle.

You should clean the hoist and coated with anti-rust oil, then store in a dry place to prevent rust and corrosion from moisture.

Friction surface of the brakes should be clean. Brake parts should be often checked and prevent brake failure and heavy objects from falling phenomenon.
In order to maintenance and disassembly easily, one of the chain must be open chain.

1.Maintenance and repair should be operated by people who is more familiar with hoist. Using kerosene to clean the hoist machine and add the butter for lubrication on the parts of the gear and bearing to prevent free port by people who is without knowledge of the machine.
After cleaning and repairing, the chain should be tested with no load. It can be put into use after ensure the brake is reliable.

2.The surface of the brake equipment should keep clean in the process of using chain hoist. Certainly, you should check the braking usually and prevent braking failure.

3. You should note with the pawl ratchet claw alveolar portion meshed well when installation. Spring on the pawl control should be flexible and reliable after mounted on the bracelet round. Pressed the brake friction plate and ratchet on the seat when rotating chain wheel with clockwise. But there is a gap between the ratchet wheel and the friction plate if you rotate chain wheel with anti-clockwise.