2018-05-03 09:46:24

The Definition of Monorail Trolley

Monorail trolley, also called monorail car, which can push lifting heavy objects. Hand monorail car can be drove by hand catenaries, walking the edge of the orbit of i-steel, match with chain blocks can be composed of bridge type, single beam or cantilever crane. Monorail trolley is widely applicable to factories, mines, docks, warehouses, construction sites and so on. Monorail car also can be used to install the machinery, equipment, lifting goods, so monorail trolley is especially suitable for no power site operation.
Monorail car is easy to maintain uses safely. Monorail trolley structure is compact and has small installation size. Monorail trolley’s wheels spacing adjustment is convenient, for a variety of beams. Monorail car’s left and right wall plate hinge joint, under the action of gravity, it can adjust the height and make the machine to receive strength evenly in the four wheels. The monorail car has high transmission efficiency and small hand pull.
What we need to pay attention is the car is forbidden to use beyond the rated load. Besides, when the monorail trolley lifting heavy objects, it is strictly prohibited to any personnel to walk or work under the weight. Lastly, bearing and rail surface should be regular filling grease, at the same time examine all fasteners.