2018-08-22 10:11:51

What Features of Swing Arm Lift Crane?

 What Features of Swing Arm Lift Crane?

Swing Arm Lift Crane is matched with ELECTRIC CHAIN HOIST, non-standard customized crane can be produced.
  Under many conditions there is no limit to the pillar mounted jib crane to be used alone or to cooperate with other cranes in the plant. The whole material handling solution is clean and neat. You can consider purchasing in the early stage of the building or later. In terms of overall investment saving, Clescrane pays more attention than you.
  The pillar mounted jib crane lifting capacity ranges from 500kg to 10000kg. We provide suitable solutions to meet your specific requirements. For high efficiency and improved operating safety for workers, equipment and loads, TXK electric chain hoist and wire rope hoist can be used and the operation can be manual or electric drive.
 TXK pillar mounted jib crane ensures that all types of work pieces can be lifted and transported quickly and easily and deposited gently and precisely. It is widely used in workshop, warehouse, wharf and other fixed places.
Higher safe working loads and non-standard solutions for particular applications are possible.

Lifting Mechanism of Swing Arm Lift Crane?
Lifting Motor
Light weight and small volume of high-performance motor. Rotating speed can be up to 3000r.m.p. High starting torque and high energy efficiency. Sustained rate of electric connection reaches up to 60%, which can meet the demand for high frequency handling. 

Reduction Gears
Helical gear design, with high transmission efficiency and low noise.  

Carburizing chain of special high-strength alloy steel. Surface with galvanization treatment. Abrasion-resistant and corrosion-resistant. High safety factor.