2018-06-25 11:18:03

What are the features of an electric chain hoist?

Features of a Electric chain hoist :-

  • The body of hoist and gearbox of trolley are made of high strength alloy steel.

  • The guide chain baffles and load wheel made of high quality steel as well as alloy steel.

  • The forged hook with safe latch and the carbureting chain is high strength grade.

  • The grade two gear drive equipped with limit load device and lift up or down with adjustable limit switch.

  • The hoists adopt the high start torque columnar rotor motor and the trolleys adopt the brake motor.

  • The push button cord is with 24 voltage for safer handling.

  • Use the lubricated grease of long lifespan without leakage.

  • Low headroom, light weight, easy operation, safe and reliable.

TXK offers various turn-key models with specifications designed to meet the user's particular applications such as Hook suspension, Electric Trolley model, Low Headroom type and so on. TXK main products: Electric Chain Hoist range from 300kg to 50ton.

TXK HOIST produces a range of high quality products for various professional applications. Our hoist convinces through the compact, elegant design, light weight, robust construction and technical innovation. Thus TXK electric chain hoist is highly efficient and engineered for a long working life.

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