2018-12-20 14:36:33

Why more people choose Electric chain hoists?

  Electric chain hoists are light and small lifting equipment. Electric chain hoists consist of motor, transmission mechanism and sprocket. Because of electric chain hoists' advanced structure, small size, light weight, reliable performance, convenient operation and wide application range, electric chain hoists are very convenient for lifting heavy objects, loading and unloading work, maintenance equipment and cargo hoisting. The Electric chain hoists are used in industry and related areas to lift heavy objects, equipment, or machinery. By using electric chain hoists, the task is done faster and easily with less risk involved.  Electric chain hoists are much easier and sophisticated to use than manual chain-hoists. More Than This ,electric chain hoists are available in a variety of sizes and for a variety of lifting equipment depending upon the load to be lifted.

Nowadays, electric chain hoists have a variety of features and come with a range of price tags. Depending upon the type of the hoist you require, it is essential you are away of the safety parameters and whether the hoist will stand up to the rigorous operational requirements. Therefore, you should be knowledgeable about the operations requirements of the hoist you propose you wish to purchase. At the same time, you should be aware of the quality standards that are applicable to electric chain hoists.

A manual chain can lift up a lighter load, but an electric chain hoist can be used to lift heavier loads. Nevertheless, they should not be used for lifting loads beyond their lifting capacity. Therefore, it is always advisable to check the rated capacity of the electric chain hoist before actually buying it. At times, there are circumstances which require continuous operation of the hoist, so be sure that the operators do not exceed the rated capacity.

A torque limiting device on the hoist will prevent accidental or intentional overload. Also check for safety features like upper and lower limit switches and low voltage controls. A stop button can take care of emergency situations. A variety of speed capacities are available so you can make the right choice while purchasing a hoist. There will be a number of manufacturers providing you with the same types or hoists.

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