Chain Block CB-A Series

CB-A: CB-A series Chain block lifting is of modern design, featured by a very sturdy construction and safe operation, in combination with compactness and a low operating force.

Technical Parameter of CB-A
Material: high tensile alloy steel chain and hooks;
Finish: powder coated
Proof load: 1.5 times of limit
Features of chain block :
Compact and light weight for flexible application;
Heat treated steel plates, gears, shafts safety latches;
Forged upper, low hooks with forged steel safety latches.

Capacity (ton)0.511.52351020
Standard lifting height (m)
Running Test Load (ton)0.751.52.2534.56.2512.525
Headroon H (mm)2714004534206207047201000
Effort to required to lifi max.load (N)221304343314343382392392
No.of colums of load chain11122248
Load Chain Dia.(mm)66868101010
Dimension (mm)A138164198164195228367598
Net Weight (kg)9111715243972160
Paching Measurements (lxwxh) (mm)28×21×1730×24×1834×29×2133×28×1938×33×2045×39×2455×51×2970×46×75
Extra Weight per meter of extre lift (kg)