Chain Block CB-B Series

Technical Parameter of CB-B
Chain Block CB-B Series
The chain block have got TVU/GS and CE Certificates

Capacity (ton)0.250.511.52357.510
Standard lifting height (m)
Running Test Load (ton)0.31250.6251.251.8752.53.756.259.37512.5
Headroon H (mm)280345376442470548688765765
Load Chain Dia.(mm)Columns111111234
Effort to required to lifi max.load (N)226235245255324363353373380
Dimension (mm)A121148172196210255280433463
Net Weight (kg)6.59.312.216.519.53241.161.675.7
Paching Measurements (lxwxh) (mm)23×16×1530×17×1832×18×1937×20×2437×20×2443×40×3047×44×35.562×47×39.553×51×46.5
Extra Weight per meter of extre lift (kg)0.8111.291.611.922.684.16.86H7.73

This 360 rotating hand chain guide allows hoist operations from various angles and helps the operator stay out of the danger zone.
Premium brake system ensures safe operation, low maintenance and is extremely quiet.

sealed roller bearings
Easy to install
Compact design and low headroom make the series simple to install even in confined working areas. No adjustments necessary.
Equipped with hardened load chain for optimum strength, flexibility and long wear life.
Low maintenance
Enclosed housing allows outdoor use.
The load brake requires no lubr-ication
Quality features:
1.Wheel cover with guide slots guard against jamming and slipping of chain.
2.Forged swivel hooks and latches prevent twisting of chain and reduce unintentional unhooking of the unit or the load.
3.Chain guide and stripper ensures proper fit of chain over pocket wheel.
4.Two-stage gear reduction with hardened gears and pinion.