Horizontal Lifting Clamp

1. Compliance with international standards, safe and reliable, durable
2. Performance, easy maintenance
3. Toughness, small size, light weight, easy to carry
4. Advanced structure, beautiful appearance

- Long product life
- Guaranteed performance
- All forged and heat treated Parts
- Safety and Reliability with individual serial number
- Easily disassembled and reassembled

1 .Horizontal lifting clamps is a high efficient auxiliary lifting machines. It is used clamping plate, template, box material etc. parts or goods.
2. The horizontal lifting camp sets up a safety self-lock device, reliable in operation.
3. The horizontal lifting clamp swifts in clamping speed, and high efficiency in operation.
4. Compact in construction and minimum dimension for contour and light in weight, convenience in operation.

Technical Parameters

Item NoWLL (ton)Opening (mm)Dimensions(mm)Weight (kg)