Wire Rope Hand Puller

Wire rope hand puller feature a lightweight, compact, high strength aluminum housing, smooth contour design with a large, flat bottom surface for increased stability in horizontal and vertical working positions.

Donnot need accompany a wire-dum for rolling up wire rope, and it is therefore small in size, light in weigh. By moving the handle left and right, wire rope passes through. As if it were handled hand by means of two chucks equipped inside the body. This is very simply done and noexperience is necessary.

1. Measures small and light.
2. Equipped with two safty devices, and this guarantees safe operations.
3. Wire rope is drawn out straight, by distant operations regardless of wire lengths.
4. Transmission at a sppeed of 3 meters per minute, and this is the fasteset speed among all hand-driven handling devices.
5. Wire rope can be used at any working temperature degrees.
6. Equipped with a saftey hook, preventing wire rope from coming off while operation.
7. Most rationally peaneed, designed and duarble.

Abkeforge Wrp Specifications

Lifting Capacity (kg)800160032005400
Pulling Capacity (kg)13002800600010125
Tested to (kg)15003000600010125
Steel wire rope dia. (mm)IWRC 8.3IWRC 11IWRC 16IWRC 20
Wire rope safety factory load caoacity (mm)5×WLL5×WLL5×WLL5×WLL
Breaking strength of wire Rpoe (kg)543096801720027000
Overall structure breaking Strength4×WLL4×WLL4×WLL4×WLL
safety devicesafety pinssafety pinssafety pinssafety pins
Net weight (without wire Rope) (kg)6.4122328