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TXK Crane Series Products

TXK Crane Project includes: Jib Crane, Bridge Crane, Gantry Crane, Light-duty mobile gantry.

Advantages 1. High-strength and high-flexibility's bridge frame.
2. Adopt no-fault design's lifting mechanism.
3. Unpowered drive type cable drum.
4. High-precision weighting method(have patent)
5. Surface treatment: sand blasting, spraying process of two primer, one intermediate paint, two layer of finish paint
6. Have proprietary property rights\have multiple advanced function's electric control system.
7. With extra-strong working strength, high travelling speed, frequent start and braking, accurate location, semi-automatic/automatic procedure control.
8. Crane manufacture and control technique is leading position in domestic.

Safety feature
1. Weight overload protection device
2. Lifting height limit device
3. Voltage lower protection function
4. Phase sequence protection function
5. Emergency stop function