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TXK Crane Scale Products

This crane scale has many functions, like weight accumulation, gross/net weight display convertible, auto shut, remote control calibration and HOLD function.
Technical features
30mm (1.2”) LED display (CSR-A)
30mm (1.2”) LCD display (CSR-B)
AC/DC power adaptor: output DC9V/1.5A
6V/10Ah rechargeable scaled leadacid battery
Remote distance: min.10m
1.Multi-weighing units
2.Multi-function operation
3.High capacity rechargeable battery
Using high quality large scale integrated circuit, ensure excellent measurement performance and stability for a long time.
It has accumulated, delete, query, keep, division value switching, unit switch, automatic shutdown, automatic battery monitoring function.
This product is widely used in ports, transportation, metallurgy industry, steel market, building materials market, storage, coal, paper making, mining enterprises and other areas of loading and unloading cargo measurement, process flow measurement, raw materials in and out of measurement and warehouse stock measurement.