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Working Principle and Operation of Electric Chain Hoist

Electric chainhoist is a light and small lifting equipment driven by electric power. It has small size, light weight, easy to use and flexible. It is mostly used in places where the requirements of lifting weight and working range are not high or the requirements of working speed are not high. Elect.

  Electric chain hoist is a light and small lifting equipment driven by electric power. It has small size, light weight, easy to use and flexible. It is mostly used in places where the requirements of lifting weight and working range are not high or the requirements of working speed are not high.

   Electric lifting hoists has electric chain hoist and wire rope electric hoist, and has fast and slow speed. Slow-speed type is often used for lifting alloy liquid casting or starting casting and sand box. The lifting mechanism of wire rope electric hoist is driven by motor to complete the lifting action of wire rope drum.

Electric Chain Hoist 7.5ton

   Electric hoist is installed on I-shaped steel track with a certain span and height, which constitutes electric monorail crane. The type and span of I-beam steel vary according to the lifting weight of electric hoist.

   It can be seen from the electric hoist that the brake mechanism is generally not installed in the running car because of the relatively small walking speed.  In order to prevent the weight from falling, an electromagnetic brake is installed on the lifting mechanism when the running car is running. But in the early stage of start-up, the main internal principle is the following start-up steps: the electric hoist turns on the power supply from the beginning, the internal working principle: the process of the rotor speed rising from zero to the rated value, according to the characteristics of DC electric hoist, its start-up mode commonly includes full voltage start-up, series resistance start-up and step-down start.

   Actually, on the electric hoist, we can know that the electric hoist starts the hoisting motor first, lifts the weight to the appropriate height, then starts the running motor to carry the weight to the designated, and the running trolley moves on the lower edge of the single I-beam. When walking, a motor is used to drive the wheels on both sides of the car. At the same time, with the development and progress of society, we can know that the development of machinery industry is undoubtedly the mastery of the core technology. In this way, we need to pay attention to the starting principle of electric hoist.

  When the armature winding is connected to the power supply, its current rises rapidly, which generates the start cabinet, drives the rotor to rotate and generates the back-EMF. With the increase of the rotor speed, the back-EMF increases, the armature current decreases, the start-up cabinet decreases, and the rotor speed rises slowly. When the start-up cabinet is equal to the load cabinet, the speed region is stable and the start-up ends. The above is the starting process of electric hoist.

   For any type of electric hoist, there is a working cycle and time, which is not suitable for long-term continuous operation. For long-term operation will cause mechanical damage or even accidents, but in general operation, if there is an electric hoist surface temperature too high, how does this affect the machinery, and a machine just appears too high temperature, how to deal with timely measures on the machinery, we have to check the reason in the end?

The first time to check whether it is because the electric hoist lifting weight is too large, beyond the rated lifting weight of the electric hoist. Overweight use will overheat the motor, long-term overload of the use of electric hoist will cause irreparable damage to the gourd. If the motor is not overloaded and still heated, it should check whether the bearing of the motor is damaged or not. It should also check whether the motor works according to the working system, which is one of the reasons causing the motor to heat. When using, it should work strictly according to the working system of the motor.

When the motor is running, the brake clearance is too small, not fully detached, which produces a lot of friction. Friction heating also increases additional load, which reduces the speed of the motor. At this time, we should let the electric hoist rest until the hoist is cooled. Re-adjust the brake clearance, and then put into use. Usually when using electric hoist, we must pay attention to the abnormal reaction of electric hoist in order to avoid safety hazards and play a role in the hoist.

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