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TXK Lever Block(Hoist) Products

Lever Block: There are LB-A and LB-B two types for selection.
1.Safe, durable
2.Good performance, easy to use, easy to maintain.
3.Small, portable.
4.High efficiency, light hand force.
5.Reasonable structure ,run placidly, beautiful appearance.
Technical Features of Lever Block:
- One touch operation for free chain adjustment Grade 80 alloy load chain ISO and GS standard
- Forged and Heat Treated load Hooks with batch trace ability and stretch indicators.
. Fully enclosed gear train against all weather conditions
. Light weight and robustly constructed
. Superior quality premium alloy chain
. Use only minimum effort to raise maximum load
. Lower hook is assembled with complete thrust racer
. Lifting wheel is fully machined from a single material
. Minimum headroom required and very versatile in operation
. Automatic Weston brake with unique twin pawls is well protected
. Enamel baked painted surface, very durable against knock and abrasion