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TXK chain blocks and lever blocks are widely used in workshop, factory, production line etc. The capacity is from 0.25Ton to 30Ton.
1) High stability and firmness
2) Innovative design
3) Corrosion resistance
4) Fast lifting

1. Equipped with self-lifting system; Self-erection and removal; Height adjusts with the building; Labor-saving and economic.
2. Adopting the attached rod instead of wind rope; improved construction conditions.
3. Two vertical posts unite whenever mounting or dismounting; safe and reliable.
4. Labor saving with manual winch for lifting stage and derrick for mounting standard sections.
5. Adopting rope protection device; the jam boards on both sides of the cage would lock the cage and prevent it from crash once the rope breaks.
6. Stop device is available on request for floor parking.
7. Adopting separate lifting navigation to avoid direct friction between wheels and basket body, thus prolongs the service time.
8. Adopting Overload Limiter to avoid overload accidents.
9. Equipped with a bi-way travel limiter supporting the use of winch, which can efficiently prevent punch and crash accidents.
10. The hanging basket is completely closed with protection screen and floor to prevent material slide and guarantees the personnel.