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Featuresof European electric chain hoist: 1.Gearbox---Maintenance-free.working-level for M6.BMelectric chain hoistwith arated service life of 1990full load hours.In practical terms.this means the service life is extended by approx.20%.the helical gear.

Overhead cranessometimes also calledbridge cranesand eot crane, whichare cranes with a hoist or winch travelingalong the bridge beween parallel runways. They are designedto meet the medium to heavy industrial lifting requirements,covering all parts of.

Electric chainhoist is a light and small lifting equipment driven by electric power. It has small size, light weight, easy to use and flexible. It is mostly used in places where the requirements of lifting weight and working range are not high or the .

Electric chain hoists are light and small lifting equipment. Electric chain hoists consist of motor, transmission mechanism and sprocket. Because of electric chain hoists advanced structure, small size, light weight, reliable performance, convenient o.